The Hornet

"FuzzMeister" Aron Nelson has given a lot of time and sweat to coming up with interesting ways to produce distortion. His Hornet is a Fuzz Face clone that uses a germanium transistor for Q1 and a high-gain silicon transistor for Q2. It sounds like a Fuzz Face on steroids...more sustain and harsher clipping than an all-germanium pedal. Definitely worth trying out! I drew the version shown below with Aron's permission and included the usual additions: true-bypass switching and an in-use LED.

Aron has some notes on his site regarding possible mods, tuning, and the use of the high-end roll-off cap. He suggests starting the trimpots at the following resistances and then adjusting to taste: R2 - 44K, R4 - 98.2K, R5 - 45.9K, R7 - 719 ohms. To help beginners with selecting parts, here is a list of part numbers for the items most likely to be confusing:

Designation Mouser Radio Shack
R2, R4, R5 72-T20YP-100K 900-7279
R6 31VA305 900-7906
R7 72-T20YP-5K 900-7275
R8 31VJ505 900-7921
C1, C5 140-XAL16V47 900-1920
C2 146-250V.047K 900-2249
C4 146-250V.1K 900-2274
C6 140-XAL16V220 900-1924
J1 16PJ080 274-312
J2 16PJ022 274-252
LED1 512-HLMPD150A 276-310

Some of the Radio Shack numbers are store items and others are mail order from the commercial catalog. However, you can pay for the mail-order items at any store and the warehouse will ship them directly to your home.

Small Bear offers a tested pair of devices for this pedal, consisting of a 2SBXXX germanium device and a 2N5087 PNP. We also have the Fulltone 3PDT switch. For prices and ordering information, see the Stock List.